Production of “ricotta” cheese cream

PARDOR has succeeded in its intention to maintain the organoleptic characteristics of fresh ricotta cheese through the use of new machinery which optimize the processing times and ensure the highest hygiene standards and at the same time they preserve the product from excessive manufacturing steps.

In this way the ricotta, still raw, is well mixed with the sugar and then decanted into a passing artisan cottage cheese, refining it and giving it a creamy appearance ,while coming directly into the bucket ready to be hermetically sealed.

Once packaged in pallets, the cream buckets are placed in the blast temperature and then transferred into a storaged cell.

The attention to every step of the production process, from the careful selection of good established suppliers, in a perspective of their empowerment, to the sharing of values with the staff to pay special attention to the production cycle, to the timely delivery and logistics, has allowed us to grow and at the same time to continuously improve ourself.

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