About us

Par.Do.R, Parrivecchio Dolce Ricotta, is a mix of energies integrated with passion , seriousness which are already well consolidated features, and a youthful vitality; It now establish itself as an innovative productive and dinamic company that works at local, national and european level; It is located in the heart of the Madonie’s National Park, territory of uncontaminated pastures and healthy and beautiful landscapes.

Pardor srl borns in august 2009 with the intention to unify in a unique social structure the experience, thirty years in the dairy market, of the sole proprietorship of Bartolo Parrivecchio and his need to look to a forward future, in terms of evolution and innovation, through the dedicated and willing openness to the business world, supported by years of university studies, from the three daughters of Bartolo.

And it is so that the corporate image designed starts before to became clear, becoming more and more sharp, and then starts to materialize thanks to the solid and Total household synergy into a daily reality.

The production sector is specialized ,from years already, in the realization and in a consequent commercialization of a ready mixture for pastry, which the ricotta cheese, a necessary ingredient for the preparation of traditional sweets of a Sicilian gastronomy respectful of its traditions, demanding to use a product of excellence and full of fine flavors

These reasons push Par.Do.R. SRL to respond to consumer demand with a product that fully meets the needs of each client. Same attention is used for the production of fresh dairy products: you can choose between the spicy (or not) medium-mature cheese , and the spun paste products, including the mozzarella: all these cheeses are rigorously characterized by using the highest quality ingredients, including of course the milk exclusively “madonita” that allows us to strengthen the concept of authenticity and of territorial belonging.

The Par.Do.R. SRL is located on two areas, one specific location for the production of ricotta cheese and one for dairy production and direct sales.

Our Locations

Dairy and Sale

SS 120 km 73,100 (Bivio di Geraci)
90026 - Petralia Soprana (PA) ITALY

Ricotta cream's factory

Via F.Quattrocchi, 47 Bivio Madonnuzza
90026 - Petralia Soprana (PA) ITALY